Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do we dare to dream?

He Loves You Not (Album Version)If it were just dreaming, I'm sure everyone would dare to dream. Want to dream spooky or fun would dare, because we are dreaming it means we are sleeping. So whatever happens we live it .... resignation.

Shall we play a little word, dare to dream, replace with: do we dare to have dreams? There must be a bold and some are not daring or more political answer depends on what kind of dream before.

Dare you dream of having a dream?
If you do not dare have a dream, dare not dream of a dream? I myself had not dared to have a dream before I read the book self-improvement book. Because when we say what is our dream together other people, even friends or family they just say: "You dream ..., get up do not sleep on!"

Successful people said we should have a dream make a sort of positive affirmation such as hypno experts said. So today I ventured to make affirmations: I have money one billion ...

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