Saturday, October 31, 2015

Whatever you choose, that's the way your life

Usually we always blame their own destiny. Why should this happen to live we do not want? Yet what happens in our lives that is exactly what we choose, the choice we decided some time earlier. By the time we choose we are not aware, what we choose will bring its own consequences. And we realize when it happened. What should we do?  

Make the choice today, which do you think is best and in accordance with what will be the purpose of your life ahead. Decide and think that what the choices and decisions today, will be the consequences of you in the next day.

So, what is happening today. Grateful if it according to what you think, or re-create plans and options for the life ahead. So do not ever complain, make choices and decide, do the appropriate action and grateful if the option in accordance with our choice, if the correction is still missing.

Send regards for success

Friday, October 30, 2015

Being a regular trader or entrepreneur

Many people are self-employed but only a few people who really spirited entrepreneurs. Ordinary traders never think about the future development of their business, they only think how to keep the merchandise is sold, so that capital can be quickly returned. In contrast to ordinary traders, a spirited entrepreneur will think hard to advance its business in order to grow. An entrepreneur does not think about the capital return immediately, but will be thinking on development. So that he could predict his efforts on the run can be rapidly developed and planned.

Any obstacles or challenges it faces, will increasingly make it harder to expand its business. So there is no time to complain to him. That there will still carry the spirit of the business is more developed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gas lighters

Gas lighters. Why even talk about lighters. Instead of talking about politics that is not my master, so it's better to talk lighters that almost every day with me. You know these lighters can be dangerous tool, but it can also help once the event darkness. So lest you take for granted on these lighters. There was evidence of people who become rich because it has the factory's lighters. There is also a house fire because these lighters. In fact my friends there who fight because this gas lighters.

Now it is even emerging-proliferation of the term "Curanrek", theft lighters, this usually occurs in people who smoke, smokers usually have the habit of carrying lighters others. Gas lighters for smokers is more valuable than the cigarette itself, whereas the price of gas lighters least 2,000 to 5,000 dollars, try to compare with the price per pack of cigarettes could be 15,000, - but strangely give cigarette smokers better than give his lighter.

STOP! Why of lighters even talk smoker? Wait a minute I actually want to ask the same to you, yes you are. Why still read well? STOP Then I got here.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

What you are actually looking for, happiness or wealth?

Confused when I was told to choose between happiness or wealth? Because of what? because I really need happiness and wealth. It will not guarantee a person's wealth can be happy, so is happiness we can achieve without having a lot of wealth. Sometimes the simple life of people can live happily. So what should I choose? I say choose, instead of taking all the choices.

Confused right? confused better than I choose happiness, especially the happiness of this heart. With the feeling of happiness in my heart I can continually be grateful and sincere with any fortune that I get. It did not seem as excited as those who seek wealth. Because I believe, fortune is a god who set it up, I just have to work hard to try and ultimately trust with whatever the outcome.

The rich man looks happy, because we always thought that we would be happy when what we want we can get. We always think of the good life rich. His life is happy and so forth. Padaal'm not like that. Ah why I finished writing the happiness and wealth? The most important thing now whatever wealth I have, I will always be happy.

Never we easily disseminate information before we believe the truth

Each incoming information should have been filtered through the senses. Never judge just because of the information that you see it, but should we investigate whether the information was true or not. Use our sight and hearing as well as possible. Find as much information, then decide wisely.

Sometimes we provoked emotions just from the information that we hear only or the information that we take for granted, without ever finding out whether the information is true or not. Whether the information was not sedition or defamation. How to? We have to find out first where it comes from and whether it can be the responsibility or not. Before we disseminate the information.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spirit, spirit and always the spirit

Despite the many challenges of life ahead of either small or large, we have to keep the spirit to conquer the challenges of any kind. We've given mercy and grace are priceless from Allah SWT. Why is there still reasons that make no sense? Keep the spirit, to be enthusiastic and always the spirit!