Sunday, May 3, 2015

What you are actually looking for, happiness or wealth?

Confused when I was told to choose between happiness or wealth? Because of what? because I really need happiness and wealth. It will not guarantee a person's wealth can be happy, so is happiness we can achieve without having a lot of wealth. Sometimes the simple life of people can live happily. So what should I choose? I say choose, instead of taking all the choices.

Confused right? confused better than I choose happiness, especially the happiness of this heart. With the feeling of happiness in my heart I can continually be grateful and sincere with any fortune that I get. It did not seem as excited as those who seek wealth. Because I believe, fortune is a god who set it up, I just have to work hard to try and ultimately trust with whatever the outcome.

The rich man looks happy, because we always thought that we would be happy when what we want we can get. We always think of the good life rich. His life is happy and so forth. Padaal'm not like that. Ah why I finished writing the happiness and wealth? The most important thing now whatever wealth I have, I will always be happy.

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