Monday, July 11, 2011

Sales Tips: Assume

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For some reason today I remembered telling tips from Joe Girard how to increase sales of products that we sell. One is to assume that everyone will buy the products that we sell. No matter whatever product we sell. Assume everyone we went to, every person who comes into our showroom is that they are interested in our products. So serve it well, and assume they will buy our product.

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Do not see the appearance of people who came. Because of today's people who have money often looks simple. And whereas many people who looked good but empty pockets.

I remember when I walk in the mall, dressed in what it is. Idly I go to display branded shirt as seen from the price fairly according to the size of my pocket at that time.

At the moment I entered just welcomed with a friendly one of its employees.

"Excuse me sir, you are interested in white or yellow shirt?"

"I just saw it, I replied."

"Nothing sir. I only recommend it if you should wear it for formal occasions or the office is a nice white color, the yellow is also nice just looks a bit relaxed. Soon I swatch the size that fits. This pack, tried, sir. Please in the locker room in there. "


You know what's going on? I immediately bought it. White shirt and yellow as well. And when I go ga think would like to buy a shirt there. Just because I assumed as if I would buy. There is a sense in which I feel rewarded to go in there but my appearance is not convincing. At that time I did not know these tips: Joe Girard.

All readers would agree with these tips. I am sure!

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