Thursday, July 14, 2011

Never give up!

The word most often we hear and say when a friend or friends come to tell us aboutthings that pesimistic, failure or something that made him despair is: Never give up!

Because I myself was in a state of almost desperation .... so I tried to find storiesabout people who never give up.

Here it is:

Tommy, who is he? That's another name of Thomas Alva Edison. An inventor who never gave up so much to make discoveries about a thousand more patents. A more severe and her mother who never gave up patiently educate and teach him

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Joanne Rowling, who is she? Foreigners also that we may hear his name. But if anyone asks: you know harry potter ... surely you know. Well above it is the author ofthis novel harry potter. That is, with famous names: JK Rowling. If only he had given upwhen a lot of rejection that he received when will publish his novel. Definitely will not be popular.

That's it! Actually there are many others. Because updates on the phone until it hadstopped here wrote.

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