Sunday, September 18, 2011

In the dictionary a businessman, there is no word loss.

Last night someone asked my friend, whether business is being on live it is profit or loss. My friend told me that if he was doing business is not profit, I will not continue in business. If it does not return, I would not dare to decide to quit from their jobs simply because the business is not profitable.

According to the dictionary of my own life, there is no word loss in a business, an entrepreneur would not say that his business , is lose, but they will say that business is not profit. The difference is indeed the word can affect someone, the person who said losses, the result is clearly a loss. And someone who says no profits means earnings could not get. A time will definitely get it on.

Which one is judging himself with things that are negative, and one remains optimistic to get the wanted results, although not in the get it now.

Always think positive with whatever results we get.


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